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I am Laura, I am an addict, an alcoholic, a compulsive overeater, and a codependent in recovery. Free of heroin since 1980, sober since 1999, and sugar free. Free from the abuse ghosts of my past. I have a diagnosis of PTSD, I am bipolar, and I had severe depression. If I am happy now, it is because I used outside help. It also means that you can make it. Because “I have been where you are now”. 

In the grip of my addictions, I could not live with alcohol and drugs but I could not live without them. 


I finally admitted it, despite my shame and my false willpower, when I was told that I had a DISEASE I was not responsible for.

I went through many detoxes. I spent weeks in a treatment center. Every time, when I was released, I found myself totally SCARED. The feelings I had been burying under my binges started popping up like Jacks out of the box. Uncontrollable. Dangerous times that led me to some relapses.

You might be considering sobriety, maybe you are already in early recovery, or in maintenance phase, or in long term recovery, still going through exceedingly difficult times, all by yourself. When life gets hard, just because life is life and bad things happen to good people, you need help. I am sober and clean because I use help. I went through emotional rollercoasters, but I was more and more balanced, and my   emotions have much less power over my life now.  I can sit on uncomfortable feelings. They pass. I stay clean. I win. And so can you. 

I am your guide through all these stages of your new life, during this fantastic quest for your new inner self.

YOU AND I RELATE AND IDENTIFY in a safe environment. For instance, we alcoholics and addicts have a peculiar sense of humor (pretty dark for “normies”, but that only we can enjoy). 

Also, I am an addiction specialist since 2005, with a Masters in addiction disorders, thousands of hours of practice as an addiction therapist, and now a Certified Coach. It is so much more flexible and closer to those I work with to be an Addiction Recovery Coach. It is more satisfactory for me as well and consequently more beneficial to both of us.

Because I am in recovery for a long time, and because I am a professional, it creates a strong dynamic between us.

You are entering a new territory. Wherever you are in the world, or in your personal journey with addiction, I can help you with online, powerful sessions if you speak English or French.


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