What I am for you 

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A tailor: wherever you are in your recovery or relapse, I customize a plan for you only, so you do not merely survive but live a good, meaningful life.

A guide that helps you jump over your obstacles like I did. More likely even better. I am a constant companion who goes through the ordeals of your life. Your guide to your new way of living.

A problem solver: I prefer to use the words situations instead of problems. A problem seems like a rock we cannot break or dissolve. A situation is temporary, and an opportunity to learn and make progress.

A tool to retrieve your emotional balance.

A confidant: I respect your anonymity and I always ask for your permission to reach out to other specialists or family members when you find it useful. I keep you informed first.

A truth-teller: It is awfully hard to manipulate me because I did that, I know the tricks. But I am certainly NOT JUDGEMENTAL. I am loving, even if you do not love me. I will help love yourself. How do you expect to be loved if you do not love yourself? 

A checkpoint: I keep you accountable, which might be a new concept for you as it was for me.

A resources broker: a link between you and your environment. Addiction is a disease of isolation. Recovery is the art of connecting. At your pace.

Your advocate.

Your team coordinator. I am not the only one you might need: opioids addicts need a dentist, alcoholics suffer from malnutrition and dehydration, they need a doctor, and a nutritionist. We often need a psychiatric evaluation because 75% of us -addicts of all kinds- suffer from co-occurring disorders (diagnosis of mental health disorders, AND addiction). You will be able to resume a healthy, customized form of exercise. I offer you a choice of coaches and free resources. 

Your community organizer between, for instance, the legal system (lawyer, Probation Officer), your spiritual practice if any (Church/Temple/Mosque…), your psychiatrist or your family doctor, your recovery network, your job, your family or your loved ones.