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My tools at your disposal 

We have been beaten up by our disease: physically, emotionally, spiritually. But it did not kill us. However, chances are high that it will, if we relapse.

Let us first push the Pause Button. 

The body needs to be detoxified. (DO NOT do it alone if you abuse alcohol or benzodiazepines, for it can be lethal!!) Then we enter a phase of physical recovery that requires special care. You might learn for the first time how to really take care of your Good Self. 

However, our feelings can seem so unbearable to us (shame, regrets, anger, fears, social distress, social phobia, broken relationships,  guilt, hatred, etc.,) that we think we “need” a drink, we want to calm our nerves with some drug, or to return to an abuser because we feel lonely or guilty.

There is a different way, the only that works. We design it together.


We reset your brain and balance your mind. We change your habits and values. 

Durable changes only come from the inside. 


Put a Checkmark next to What You Need and Ask Me Questions.

Questionnaires and screenings to know if you really suffer from one addiction or another. You do not need to give me your money if I cannot help you. 

A complete assessment of your history and a medical report (you might have kept your “social-medical-history” assessment from your treatment center). If not, it is particularly useful for the course of our work. It is not obligatory. And it is confidential.

Evaluate HALT. Are you Hungry, Angry, Lonely and/or Tired”?  You may suffer from insomnia, from uncontrollable reactions of anger or fury, from indecision, from feeling/being alone (a lot of people have taken their distance from us, some hurting us deeply).

Breathing; relaxation, visualization of your assets, dreams, and new self; meditation when and if you are ready for it. The word mindfulness is overused. I prefer to talk about grounding techniques. Being in the Here and Now. 

Body grounding with Fundamental Movement (your body follows its natural energy without the interference of your emotions). 

The Power of Slow. Find your space in the present moment.  

Identification of feelings, emotions, negative and positive. At your pace. Learn how to master them.

(Re) Definition of your core values. Separating cosmetic change in personality and a life anchored in your real personal values.

Talking, sharing with someone who knows where you stand.

Exercises to initiate and consolidate your behavioral changes. 

Referrals and work with a team of experts. For example, you might need a mood stabilizer prescribed by a M.D. specialized in addiction, or a food plan created with a nutritionist. 

Education on addiction. 

Resources. Serious articles, blog, videos, links. Help to find the right 12 step meeting if you accept to try. Building a recovery network.

Plan of action. It is flexible and is to be reviewed regularly together. It can include very concrete steps and behavioral changes (taking a shower every day, getting out to shop at the grocery store without passing by the wine and beers aisles, going to 12 steps meetings, calling, etc.) 

Mental changes are gradual as well, but the fog will lift eventually.  Exercises such as “on what criteria do I now judge myself? How sensitive am I to others’ opinions? Do I believe in a Power greater than myself? How has it helped me in the past? What are my remaining resistances? How to live in a state of acceptance rather than in constant judgment by ourselves and others born from our fears?” 

Recognition of your progress. This is a big one. We are hard on ourselves. But we are not here to beat ourselves up anymore. We recognize when we make mistakes. Consciousness of positive changes and progress. We most often surprise ourselves… once we are told how much better we are doing, acting, feeling, behaviors. 

Ambitions checking and going after them.

Relapse prevention and after relapse sessions.

Our common sense of humor and our identification. Careful: my compassion and skills are at your service, not my pity. I am a tough cookie. 

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