I guarantee you a tailored-made program. That fits your needs, your addiction(s), your schedule, and your time. I have been working enough in treatments centers with the usual protocols to know that you deserve more than that. I have tools and techniques that are adjusted for you, and I am constantly in training to discover new ones.

Alcoholism, and/or drug addiction (prescription and illegal drugs) can be the culprit. But they are many other addictions that bring shame and impair our lives: overeating, gambling, but also codependency to others and what they want from you.


Your can't win alone against stress and the genes of addiction. Recovering with Cara is a process that engages two partners. In recovery myself, I can tell you now that my life has changed for the better: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and jobwise. 


Clearances, reputation, ratings at stake? Afraid (legitimately) of the E-tracking (doctors' portals, health insurances sharing your information)? Cara is SAFE. Confidential, discreet, no tracking, and still legal. I keep written notes. I do not accept insurances.

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