Laura Simon-Sulzer:  (1)-202-491-8837


Addiction Specialist. Certified Addiction Coach.

CEO of Custom Addiction Recovery Anonymous, LLC (CARA). 

Masters in addiction disorders at the Breining Institute, CA.  Thesis: “Opioid’s Addiction in the U.S. Military From the Civil War to Iraq/Afghanistan.”  Rated A.  Masters GPA: 3.96/4.00. In 2008 and 2009, anticipation of the opioid’s epidemic in the U.S.A.


Intensive training with the most serious institutions such as NAADAC (aka National Association for Addiction Professionals) and SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration).

Post-graduate training by Hazelden-Betty Ford on integrated treatment for dual-diagnosis patients. Courses with the Zur Institute on neuroscience and meditation.

Training and work with diverse sexual, ethnic, and religious groups and individuals.

Academic training on Defense and Intelligence issues.


Professional experience:
Shadowed addiction psychiatrists. Deep knowledge of brain neurological functions, damages, and treatment. Provided therapy to psychiatrists’ patients.
Virginia Hospital Center, Arlington, VA, psych and addiction unit. Addiction counselor.
Kolmac Clinic, Maryland. Addiction counselor.
Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute. Addiction counselor.
Internship at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center at the ASAP (Army Substance Abuse Program). Experience with PTSD from combat and co-occurring disorders.


Achievements I am proud of: Chaired and co-chaired addiction group therapy for thousands of hours in intensive Outpatient Programs, and inpatient facilities, and enjoyed it. 

Exceptional results with patients. Rare compassion and connection with their feelings, thanks to my insights. Veterans and military personal are particularly appreciative of my help and can relate with my personal experience and recovery.

Excel at teaching skills, classes providing information about addictions, and individual guidance. 

Praised research skills on new trends, multiple medical sources, and treatment methods. 

Achieve remarkable results with guided meditations, visualizations, and relaxation exercises. 

I love working with spouses/partners/family members of the addict to offer them the right tools to achieve independence versus codependency. 


From 1981 to 2006: Investigative journalist. War reporter, experience with combat, and PTSD. Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Congo, South-Arica, Fall of the Berlin Wall (from the East side), etc. 2000: U.S. Bureau Chief for the French National Public Radio network, White House Correspondent. Professor of Journalism.

Honors: French Ordre National du Mérite at age 38 by French President Jacques Chirac.
Languages: Fluent in English and French.
U.S. and French Citizen.

Personal: Sober alcoholic since 1999. Clean from heroin since 1980. In recovery from compulsive over-eating. Specialist in cross addictions (multiple replacement addictions).