Set your own expectations.

Why is a Recovery Coach with personal experience of addiction an irreplaceable help?

I have been through your desperation and powerlessness. I almost died from addiction so many times, I cannot keep track of it.

I have been on the brink of suicide. I have recovered. I have relapsed, and I have recovered again.

I have studied the science of mood substance abuse and compulsive behaviors. Alcohol, drugs (heroin, benzodiazepines, cannabis), compulsive overeating and addiction to sugar, and many others I only share with my clients. So, no judgement. 

Afraid of on-line coaching? You will see yourself that it works, that it saves you time, and that it can be extremely efficient. Sometimes, our hangovers are so bad, we cannot drive. Two addicts identify, relate, and connect more easily.

I now live in good standing with the world, and more importantly with myself.

I know your problem, your disease, your despair, your solitude. The best thing I ever did was to ask the right person for help.

We might be a good fit for each other. Let us talk.

I have helped so many addicts and alcoholics in your situation. You feel ashamed, guilty, isolated, unique. Be hopeful for your future. You do not envision it like this now, but it is bright if you do the next right thing to save yourself. It is the best ambition you can have for your life. You cannot stop by yourself, but you must be willing.

We are NOT responsible for our disease and its consequences, but we are responsible for our recovery.  Recovery is a choice. 

I will not try to fool you: recovery, at first, is hard work. But it is much easier that our miserye in the grip of our dependence.

You might have tried by yourself so many times to get sober/clean that you do not believe in yourself anymore.

When I reached my bottom, I asked for help. Do not wait. The disease of addiction is lethal and there is no easy death at the end of that bad trip.

Now, why CARA?

C stands for custom. I tailor your plan of recovery and your maintenance plan according to YOUR needs, WITH YOU.

You are unique. So is our journey. You might be in a phase where you are still asking yourself if you are an addict.

I will honestly tell you. You might know that you are one but are ashamed and powerless. You do not know who can help you, you do not know if you can live without your mood-altering substance, or your compulsive behavior. You might be ready.

You might be off your mood-altering substance, but you cannot live through the difficulties of your existence.

C also stands for Certified Coaching. I am a Certified Recovery Coach, with a Masters in addiction disorders, and thousands of hours of practice*(link to resume, see more…) with veterans, with the average Joe or with a Jane Doe like me, with businessmen, high-profile professionals, blue-collars, homeless people, and persons from all backgrounds, with almost all ethnicities and religions, including atheism, with all genders and family situations, with diverse political opinions. As an addiction counselor I have worked in in-patient facilities and treatment centers and out-patient programs, with an addiction psychiatrist, and now in my private practice as an addition coach, a role that is broader for me, more satisfying, and more flexible for you. 

A, of course, stands for addiction. Any addiction, whether you considerate it to be minor or major. There is no minor addiction. Like for cancer, there are phases. Stop now before it gets too late.R stands for recovery. I offer you many tools and methods, and WE will design your own recovery plan TOGETHER. From now on, you are the master of your life if you consent to follow that program.

A finally, stands for anonymous. Confidentiality is one of the pillars of my professional ethics.

Be assured that what you say, did, or do, or chose, stays between you and me.